Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interfaith Understanding Dialogue

Details of the event:

Interfaith Understanding Dialogue
1 March 2010(Monday)
8.00 pm
Chancellor Hall,UTP
"The Concept of God According to My Religious Scripture"

Brother Shah Kirit bin Kalkulal Govindji (Muslim)
Ir. Kiang Keng Hong (Buddhist)
Dr. William Lau (Christian)
Dr. M. Bala Tharmalingam (Hindu)

Muslim Speaker
Bro Shah Kirit b. Kalkulal Govindji

> embraced Islam on 1996
> one of the most powerful Muslim Speaker in Interfaith Dialogue
> intensively involved on "International Da'wah Training Program" in IRF Mumbai, which organized by President of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Dr Zakir Naik.
> Involve directly in organizing Interfaith Dialogue Class for University students and public in IIS
> Speaker of Jabatan Agama Islam, Government and private, universities and churches
> Dakwah officer in IIS
> Director of Saba Islamic Media

Buddhist Speaker
Ir. Kiang Keng Hong

> Keat Hua School & Sultan Abdul Hamid College
> University of Tasmania, Australia
Current job:
> Managing Director, Engineering COnsultant Firm

Christian Speaker
Dr William Lau

> Ecunemical Section of the Catholic Church
> Archdiocesan Ministry of Ecunemical & Inter-Religious Affairs

Hindu Speaker
Dr. M. Bala Tharmalingam, MBBS, Msc (Healthcare)


>Medical Graduate (MBBS) with Masters in Healthcare Administration (MSc);

>Currently pursuing PhD in Health Education


> Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Universal Skills Academy

Areas of Research:

> Hinduism, Indian Classical Music, Management Science via Thirukural

Community Activities:

> Deputy President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS - The National Body for Hindu Affairs in Malaysia)

>Deputy President of Koperasi Hindu Sangam Malaysia (KOPHISAN) - The Business and Entrepreneurship Development Wing of for Malaysia Hindu Sangam)

> Well known nation wide speaker in Hinduism & Inter-Faith Dialogue Sessions

>Well known speaker on Indian and Hindu Entrepreneurship Development

>Undertaken research in “Management Sciences via Thirukural– The 3000 years old ancient scriptures in Tamil with Universal Values”.

> Conducting “Management Sciences via Thirukural” classes at various places in Klang Valley for more than 100 over students.

> Undertaken research in “Comparative Theology for Inter-Religious Harmony”.

> Musician, Composer and Vocalist of Indian Classical music

> Undertaken research in “Role of Music (Indian Classical) for Personnel Enhancement & Society Development”.

> Conducting Indian Classical Music classes at various places in Klang Valley for more than 100 over students.


caliph said...

salam'alaik, bgus3, dh semakin bnyak interfaith dialouge..

nurilham7 said...

kat UTP ni julung kali nk dibuat kalo tak silap..